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Velvet Mask

Seven Questions

Posted on 2012.02.28 at 21:52
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Got these questions from ndnickerson, like, a week ago and it's taken me ENTIRELY too long to post the responses. (It's also taken me entirely too long to update my journal, but that's a different story.) There are other lists of questions that I'll probably tackle - all in good time!

01. How did you get into Nancy Drew? What was your first book (if you remember)? My favorite aunt (now deceased, sadly) gave me The Secret of the Old Clock for my eighth birthday, and I was hooked! I devoured all 56 of the original Mystery Stories and continued on to the softbound versions until the Files came out when I was a young teenager.

 The thing I loved best about Nancy (and still love) was her intelligence and fearlessness. She was totally unafraid to be a smart, take-charge chick – in a pastel chiffon evening frock, no less. Everyone loved and respected her, and she was good at everything: now I think it’s hilarious, but back then I was suitably impressed by her ability to dive, tap dance, sing, act, draw, figure skate, ski, etc. Girlfriend could do anything.  I also loved the old-fashioned quality to the books: growing up in the ’80s, I was thoroughly charmed by descriptions of chaste fraternity dances, roadsters, telegrams, radio programs, and classic American meals that Hannah had just whipped up.
This is something I’ve written about before in other forums, but I kind of rediscovered Nancy when I was diagnosed with a life-threatening illness at the end of 2010. It was a total and complete shock and I was beyond terrified, so I was looking for something, anything, to comfort me. I picked up The Secret of the Old Clock again and was instantly hooked. Just like when I was a kid, I would stay up to read just one more chapter, then just one more! I then re-read all 56 of the original Mystery Stories again, in order, and moved on to the digest books. It was like going back to my childhood, and I felt like Nancy’s strength and courage helped get me through the hardest time of my life.

02. What's your ideal job? As a kid in elementary school, I wrote my own original novels (by hand!) and they were very much in demand by my classmates – my first fanfictions, I guess! I would also make up stories in my head using characters from books like Nancy Drew, Sweet Valley High, etc. - this was before the internet, kids, so there were no communities for writing and reading this kind of stuff.

Having said all of this, I think you can guess that my ideal job would be to be an (employed) writer. This is why I am now researching Master’s programs in communications-slash-technical writing to see if I can make this ideal job a reality. I’d also love to be a fiction writer, so who knows?

03. You can punch one person on Friday without repercussions. Who will it be, and why? The Chris Brown answer was awesome, just on general principles. 

 Since that one was taken, I’ll use my Friday punch on Newt Gingrich. I hate to bring up politics, but it’s not even a Democrat/Republican thing because the other candidates don’t bring out nearly as strong of a reaction in me. Whenever I see him on TV, my stomach actually clenches – it’s that visceral of a reaction. I have no problem with people who are religious and have a strong faith; I respect it, especially when they live their lives in accordance with that faith.

 However, I do have a problem with hypocrites. Telling everyone that you’re a candidate who’s all about protecting family values while you cheated on your wife with a long-term affair for several years, later marrying the woman you cheated with? (Oh, and this didn’t just happen once; it happened TWICE.) Then you want to deny equal rights to gay people because it violates the sanctity of marriage?  Not cool, dude; hence, the punch.

04. What’s the one thing (scenario, event, whatever) that always makes you happy to see in a fic? Ooh, besides Nancy/Ned makeout sessions? ;)

 I also like witty, intelligent banter between characters and really well-crafted dialogue.  Not just repartee for the hell of it; I’m talking about the back-and-forth where you feel like the characters are having an actual conversation that could occur in real life. This is something I always try to achieve in my fanfics; I guess you’d have to ask my readers if I’m successful at it. From my perspective, though, there is nothing that will make me stop reading any type of fic (fan or otherwise) faster than stilted, unnatural-sounding dialogue.

 Finally, I’m also a sucker for a fanfic that’s written in the same style as the source material so that it feels like a completely natural extension of the original. (See ndnickerson’s Phoenix series.)

05. What’s your absolute hands-down all-time favorite lazy Saturday meal? Hmmm…I’ll go with baked ziti with lots of ricotta and mozzarella cheeses (meat/sausage in the sauce optional). If I have some type of bread in the house to make garlic bread to go with, even better.

06. What’s the worst book you’ve ever read? I can’t believe I made it through that God-awful “adult version” of the Sweet Valley High series last year, Sweet Valley Confidential. (And I can’t believe I just admitted that I read the God-awful “adult version” of the Sweet Valley High series.) I didn’t expect this book to be a finalist for the National Book Award or anything, but it should have been campy, cheesy fun, at the very least.

 There aren’t even words in the universe to describe the sheer terribleness of it. Really. A rhesus monkey with a laptop could have done a better job. Wait, sorry - that was offensive to rhesus monkeys.   I’m just thankful that I borrowed it from the library – I would’ve really been pissed if I had spent my hard-earned money on that nonsense.

 I also cannot stand books by James Patterson and Nicholas Sparks – I know many people do, but I don’t get it. Sorry.

07. You can spend one day in any fictional (movie, TV, or book-based) universe. Which one will you choose and what will you do there? I’m so totally going to River Heights!  I will become Nancy Drew and go on fabulous trips around the world and I won’t even have to work or pay for any of it! Sweet, right? I mean, I’m sure someone needs to unearth a missing rare coin in Hawaii or a find a kidnapped heiress in Paris or something, don’t you think?

 Oh, but first I’m making a stop at Emerson College so I can hook up with a certain frat boy at Omega Chi Epsilon. After barely getting a kiss for all of these years, boy won’t know what to do.

 And in case the River Heights Airport is snowed in that day, I would like to go to the fictional New York City that is in TV shows like Gossip Girl and Friends.  Awesome clothes, huge apartments, and fabulous parties every night without having to really worry about a job or money? Sign me up, sister!



Nancy Drew Nickerson
ndnickerson at 2012-02-29 03:15 (UTC) (Link)
hooray answers! and i'm glad you made it through your illness - and it's awesome that nancy drew helped. :)

i love reading these answers. i think we need to form a fanfic-to-original writer support group. i don't think i'll ever stop writing nancy drew fic, not entirely, but i would love to get paid to do what i seem to do no matter what anyway. ;)
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